What Are Some Good Accounts Payable Job Interview Questions?

Most accounts payable interview questions will focus on the integrity of the prospective employee, their experience with any accounts, especially in accounts payable, and their level of honesty and ability to keep things confidential. Finding an accounts payable employee means exposing someone to the company’s payments, the company’s vendors and the financial accounts that are involved.

The goal of accounts payable interview questions is to ensure that a prospective employee is someone who is desirable and honest in the field of finance. Here are some examples of good interviewing questions.

  1. “What is the related experience with accounting software?”
  2. If the prospective employee has worked with Peachtree or QuickBooks, this can be good, since they have the knowledge, or bad, since they may not have focused so much on paper accounts payable.
  3. “What is the related experience with creating invoices, scheduling them, sending them out and ensuring they are filed in the proper places once paid?”
  4. “Explain the financial relations between accounts payable and the global market.”
  5. “If an invoice discrepancy had been discovered, what steps would be taken to resolve this?”
  6. “What steps are taken before inputting an invoice into the computer system?”
  7. “Explain how accounts payable would be entered into the subsidiary journals at the end of each financial period.”
  8. “What do liabilities, credits and debits mean from the customer’s point of view?”
  9. “A bank loan is made towards stock inventory. Would this be under accounts payable?”