What Is a Global Teacher?

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A global teacher is an educator that incorporates various global issues into their curriculum including multiculturalism, economic, environmental and social issues. The teacher expands the scope of their viewpoint beyond the normal boundaries of the local classroom, as students learn about diversity and how they fit into the global society.

According to The Guardian, global teaching is used to “give students a global awareness and emphasize the fact that we work in a global market and if the students can develop interpersonal relationships with a sense of global citizenry, then they will be successful in all that they do”.

As the world becomes more interconnected, teachers are diversifying their approach to education. Today, global teaching is not only applied in the classroom, but on social media platforms which expose students to a large and diverse population of ideas and cultures.

Global teaching encompasses a range of interests that can cover anything from how other students live in another culture to environmental issues. Global teaching facilitates an open-minded approach; it implements lessons that illustrate the perspective of other people in the world that may not have the same cultural values and traditions as the students. It is important to learn about other cultures to gain a deeper understanding of how to approach global issues and communicate more effectively.