How Do You Get Your Global Cash Card Paystub?

Access your Global Cash Card electronic paystub by logging into your account and navigating to the Paystub section of the Account page, as of 2015. The site also makes other tax documents, such as the W-2 form and 1099 statements, available through this portal after you verify your account.

Paystubs are available through the Global Cash Card site shortly after your employer issues each pay check. View this information by clicking on your user profile page and choosing the Paystubs link from the list of options. This allows you to view all of your past paystubs for checks processed through the Global Cash Card service.

The Global Cash Card service allows employees to receive pay checks as a direct deposit of funds into a special account that includes a debit card, rather than receiving a traditional paper check or sending the funds into an external checking or savings account. During the initial hiring period at participating employers, you typically receive a set of forms to indicate how you wish to receive your paychecks, including the necessary documentation to create a Global Cash Card. It is also possible to change your payment method to Global Cash Card in the future by registering for a new account using your social security number and employee identification number.