Who Are Glenn Beck’s Advertisers?

Major advertisers on Glenn Beck’s radio program and TheBlaze TV network as of August 2015 include the Goldline precious metals investment company and LifeLock, an identity theft protection service. Both of these companies also have endorsement deals with Beck himself.

A number of companies that once advertised on Beck’s radio show and Fox News television show have declined to advertise with him further due to controversies about comments made by the conservative personality on his shows. In particular, nearly 300 companies pulled advertisements from Beck’s Fox News show in 2009 after Beck expressed opinions about what he perceived as President Barack Obama’s racist attitudes towards white Americans. This loss of advertisers follows a general trend of larger brands including J.C. Penney, Domino’s Pizza and Clorox pulling their advertising from politically related talk shows on both radio and television.

In addition to companies who have pulled their advertising over Beck’s controversial statements, there has also been significant controversy about the companies that have continued to support Beck. For example, Beck’s status as a paid spokesman for Goldline came under scrutiny during his tenure at Fox News. The endorsement deal was criticized due to the potential conflict of interest between Beck’s journalistic objectivity and financial interests due to this endorsement deal.