What Is the Geographic Market Segmentation of the Coca Cola Company?

As with most luxury item brands the Coca Cola Company sells the majority of its products in the developed world, with approximately 21 percent of it’s beverages sold in North America, around 29 percent in Latin America and around 14 percent in Europe. Despite an enormous landmass the developing Africa and Eurasia areas account for around 15 percent of sales and Asia Pacific for the final 21 percent.

Despite health-conscious consumers often turning away from sugary beverages, the Coca Cola company still enjoys billions of dollars in sales each year.

Strong Sales

Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports that people are drinking more soda than ever before thanks to key markets in Latin America and Asia Pacific, while demand in North America and Europe is a little more shaky.

Population Profit

Executives from the Coca Cola Company describe middle-class teens as the brands core consumers, and this demographic is expected to expand worldwide, with over a billion teenagers in the world and a 50 percent increase in the middle-class from prior decades.

Diet Demand

Markets in North America and Europe are expected to remain stable despite a fall in the sales of sugary beverages thanks to Coke marketing low-calorie diet products successfully, with many including new natural sweeteners that appeal to consumers who avoid soda. This includes flavored water beverages and the stevia-sweetened drink Coca-Cola Life.