What Is a Gas Station Cashier Job Description?

Gas station cashiers, also called gas station attendants, perform various duties throughout the workday, including selling food, beverages and other merchandise, using price scanners and maintaining an inventory of cash flow, giving customers directions when needed and keeping the gas station clean. Gas station attendants also fill gas tanks when necessary and keep track of fuel sales and needs by creating daily fuel reports. They provide customer service and sales support, and also keep stations safe by reporting suspicious activity to authorities, according to America’s Job Exchange.

The specific duties of gas station attendants vary, but they provide assistance with all aspects of traveling, including selling parts for cars. Depending on the services offered by their stations, gas station attendants may replace windshield wipers, change car batteries, check air pressure in tires and handle other basic types of car care. They might operate car washes and even perform oil changes or rotate tires.

In addition to helping directly with sales, gas station attendants maintain a clean and safe environment. They ensure customers purchasing alcohol and tobacco are of legal age and verify all credit card transactions, according to America’s Job Exchange. Gas station attendants clean the station floors on a regular basis and keep bathrooms clean. Job duties require some math skills, as attendants complete transactions and allocate change and receipts to customers.