What Is the Function of a Production Department?

ONOKY – Eric Audras/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

The production department of a business is responsible for the production of goods that are used by a company, the specific design of those goods and the way in which the goods are produced. Every aspect of production of goods and the creation of low costs is decided within the production department of a company.

The production department often works very closely with the purchasing department. The purchasing department is responsible for understanding what clients want and providing it to them at a price that is comfortable. The purchasing department will tell the production department what needs to be produced, how much it needs to cost to make it and will give an idea of how many pieces of products are needed in order to satisfy the demand of customers. The production department uses labor, machinery and a variety of techniques to be able to produce what the customers need or want. The production department also relies on the purchasing department to get them the materials and accessories that are necessary for the production of goods. The production department is often responsible for the maintenance and proper care of the machinery and equipment that it uses to produce the goods.