What Is an FSCM Number?

An FSCM number is a federal supply code for manufacturer number; this coding system is now defunct and was replaced with the CAGE system, or Commercial and Government Entity program. The FSCM number was formerly the primary number that was used by a government agency, distributor or manufacturer to indicate who made a product. The FSCM number was a five-digit numeric code.

CAGE codes are unique identifiers that are assigned by the U.S. government to suppliers of defense and governmental agencies. The codes are also assigned to governmental agencies and organizations, and they make it easy to identify a facility or location.

CAGE codes are part of a larger international system known as the NATO Codififcation System, or NCS, and when used as part of NCS, CAGE codes are referred to as NCAGE codes. The NCAGE codes are used alongside the part number from the supplier to form a National Stock Number, or NSN, record. This allows for the tracking of supplies.

NCAGE codes are cataloged in both H4 and H8 handbooks, and are useful for associating a name, address and phone number with a product and the product’s destination after purchase. These handbooks hold around 1.5 million different entities on record.