Where Is the Frito-Lay Factory Located?

There are actually over 30 Frito-Lay plants located throughout the United States, including in cities such as Aberdeen, Maryland and Denver, Colorado. There are also Frito-Lay plants in Arlington, Texas; Orlando, Florida; Modesto, California; and Topeka, Kansas.

Frito-Lay also has plants in Fayetteville, Tennessee; Casa Grande, Arizona; West Valley, Utah; and Killingly, Connecticut. A list of additional plants is online at FritoLay.com.

Each plant may be responsible for manufacturing multiple product lines. For example, the Aberdeen plant focuses on four different snack lines: Munchies, Rold Gold, SunChips and Tostitos. The Modesto plant makes products for Lay’s, Ruffles, Doritos, Fritos, Santitas and Cheetos.