What Is a Fortune 50 Company?

Martin Barraud/Caiaimage/Getty Images

A Fortune 50 company refers to the 50 most prosperous and progressive organizations in the world. These companies make the most revenue and hold greater sway over the world’s finances than any other businesses. The top 50 organizations in the Fortune 500 listing are given this auspicious title.

The most lucrative, powerful and influential organizations in the world are those that are highly respected and revered. The top 50 of these companies are referred to as Fortune 50 companies. The popular listing of Fortune 500 corporations includes this list as the first 50 firms within that listing.

Fortune 50 companies are ranked by their annual gross revenue. The number of employees, spread of business outlets and valuation of total assets also has a strong bearing over how companies are placed on the list. Fortune 50 companies are sorted into segments by market, industry and target audience to differentiate the best at what they do in specified areas. This helps investors determine where to spend money and buy stocks, as well as what kinds of markets see the best growth. The more well known and successful a firm is in a specified industry, the better the outcome for these organizations when ranked on the list.