How Do You Format a Sitrep?

To format a government or military situation report, known as a sitrep, follow a template that details what information goes on each line of the report. You need a computer with Internet access. Expect the process to take about an hour.

  1. Locate an appropriate template

    Search online for a report template used by your government agency or military branch. Various agencies use slightly different formatting parameters.

  2. Gather needed information

    Collect all information you need to write the report. This includes the status and location of the current situation, a description of recent operations related to the situation, intelligence or other sensitive information, personnel involved and any issues with communications or logistics.

  3. Write the situation report

    Write the report exactly as your template instructs. It describes what information goes on what line in the report. Most begin with the date and time, the name of your unit or agency, a reference number and your identifying information. Military reports also typically include the home base for the military unit and its present location, a description of the unit’s current activity and the commander’s assessment of the unit’s performance. Go into as much detail as necessary to fully document the current situation, including any problems with equipment or supplies, the skills of the team members and the effect of any casualties on the situation.