What Is the Format of a Certificate of Conformance?

Eric Raptosh Photography/Blend Images/Getty Images

Certificates of conformance are documents certifying that a supplied good or service meets the industry-governed specifications and legal specifications required for it. They are also called certificates of compliance and certificates of conformity. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission provides a sample General Certificate of Conformity, or GCC, on its website that shows the necessary format and content.

The first required element is a detailed identification of the product. The next element is a citation to each of the safety regulations for which the product is being certified. The name, full mailing address and telephone number of the manufacturer or importer must be provided along with the full contact information, including email address, for the individual who maintains the test results that support the certification. The date and place where the product was manufactured comes next. If a manufacturer has multiple locations, the address of the specific location where the product was produced is included.

The final element is identification of any third-party laboratory that has provided certification. This field is only required if the product being certified is intended for use by or around children. Some manufacturers may volunteer to have products not designed for children also tested by third-party laboratories. If they choose to do so, the laboratory’s contact information must be included.