What Is Formal Training?

Eric Audras/ONOKY/Getty Images

Formal training is the process by which education is imparted on a person through strict regimentation and scheduled learning sessions. This is the most common practice seen in American schools and businesses. It allows for ease of benchmarking and progress monitoring.

The use of formal training is an established norm in many educational settings. This practice creates a linear progression for learning, with a clear start and finish to all lessons that result in a desired outcome such as earning a diploma or other certification. Formal training is often split into segments that make it easier to finish all of the essential courses, as is seen in many public schools from kindergarten through college.

Formal training teaches practical skills that are necessary for understanding preliminary ideas, concepts and tools associated with a job. It generates a framework upon which real world experiences are given deeper meaning and specialized context. These kinds of lessons are easy to offer in a group setting or through digital portals, making them appealing to businesses as a form of standardized workforce education. Formal training also allows for rapid updates to written material and consistency among all employees, boosting customer experiences and making benchmarking among staff members much simpler.