What Are Some Forklift Operator Test Questions and Answers?

Wonderlane/CC-BY 2.0

Questions on the forklift operator exam are generally confidential and are not given until the actual test is taken. However, there are several practice question sets that include questions related to tasks such as safely driving the forklift, forklift loads and operating the machine on inclines and slopes.

The forklift operator test assesses the test taker’s knowledge of the maintenance, safety and operation of a forklift. It is a multiple choice test with 30 questions. Courses are available to assist in helping an entry-level employee learn to operate a forklift and to pass the exam. These may include both written work as well as hands-on experience.

A sample forklift operator test may ask questions about specific topics such as the procedure to follow when the load on a forklift obscures the forward view or the position the forks should be in while driving. While questions covered on sample exams are probably not exactly like the real exam questions, the questions and topics are similar in content and should give the test taker a feel for how the real test is structured. After passing the exam once, a supervisor may expect his employees to take refresher courses every now and then.