What Are Five Common Weaknesses to Mention in a Job Interview?

Perfectionism, procrastination, lack of skill, sense of urgency and excessive attention to detail are some weaknesses that an applicant can mention in a job interview. The candidate should explain how he or she overcame the weaknesses and turned them into strengths. One must avoid mentioning skills essential to the job as weaknesses.

The job applicant must be honest when talking about his or her weaknesses. One can take a personality test to identify one’s specific shortcomings along with the specific strengths. In addition to admitting one’s weaknesses, one must mention the steps one took to triumph over such weaknesses and turn them into strengths. For instance, a person may talk about previously having a lack of organization and adopting a time management system as compensation. By discussing steps for improvement, the applicant can demonstrate to the hiring manager his or her capability to recover from setbacks and deal with constructive criticism.

To avoid compromising their worth and dissatisfying the hiring manager, candidates must choose weaknesses that aren’t absolutely necessary to do the job effectively. For instance, the inability to conduct group presentations is an acceptable weakness for someone applying for a job that focuses on one-on-one communication. Applicants should review the job description to come up with an appropriate response about their weaknesses.