What Is Fischer Investments’ Fee Schedule?

Fisher Investments charges a fixed percentage of the assets it manages, as Fisher Investments reports. Fees are not charged on a per-transaction basis, so Fisher Investments does not use a fee schedule to determine charges. As a percentage of total assets, Fisher Investments benefits from client portfolio growth.

Investors pay Fisher Investments a percentage fee for portfolio management services, as Fisher Investments claims. A professional manager oversees the funds, and the firm receives greater compensation when client portfolios grow. Fisher Investments does not have a fee schedule because the firm believes the percentage charge system is better for both the firm and clients. By basing charges on portfolio growth and value maintenance, the best interests of the firm align with the interests of clients. The firm does not benefit from frequent transactions that may be costly for clients.

Fisher Investments outlines the fee percentages that apply when clients inquire about portfolio management services, as Fisher Investments reports. It encourages clients to discuss their personal financial situation and obtain customized quotes and investment options. A client can discuss fees with an Investment Counselor in relation to the management of the investor’s individual portfolio. Clients must invest a $500,000 portfolio or larger.