How Do You Fill Out a Fax Cover Sheet?

Fax cover sheets include a few basic questions which must be answered, such as the name of the sender and recipient, the fax number and the number of pages. There is also a comments section to place any additional information.

  1. Fill out the basic information

    Fill out the recipient’s name in the To box and the sender’s name in the From box. Put the recipient’s fax number in the Fax box, the number of pages in the fax in the Pages box, and the recipient’s phone number in the Phone box. The Date box gives space to record the date the fax was prepared or sent, and the RE box is for indicating the subject of the fax. The CC box notes anyone else who is receiving a copy of the same fax.

  2. Check the boxes

    There are usually boxes below the basic information that give the recipient important information about the document and the expected type of response. For example, check Urgent if the fax should be read immediately, For Review if no response is expected, or Please Reply if a response is requested.

  3. Place any comments in the space provided

    Underneath the boxes is a large, blank space to write any comments about the fax that cannot be included in other parts of the cover sheet. For example, if the Please Reply box is checked, the comments section can be used to expand on what is expected in the reply.