How Do You Fill Out the Careermapping Job Survey for Rite Aid?

Fill out the Careermapping job survey for Rite Aid by visiting the company’s page on, choosing the appropriate language option, entering your social security number and following the prompts to answer each question. The survey may include questions that focus on personal skills, professional training or aspects of your personality and the way you respond to certain situations.

Rite Aid offers an online employment survey as part of the application process for some of its positions, which begins with a series of identification questions to allow the company to classify the responses appropriately. In some cases, the survey may take place after an in-person or phone interview for a specific position, in which case the survey may also ask for details about that encounter. Filling out the survey can take up to 30 minutes and covers a wide range of topics relevant to working at the company, which typically consist of multiple choice rather than free response questions.

It is important to answer the questions honestly, rather than attempt to provide the answers you think the hiring manager or the company may want to hear, as this skews the results of the survey. These types of questionnaires help companies understand the behaviors, views and cognitive abilities of applicants and may include more complex questions that only help the company if the answers are honest. Each section of the survey includes instructions explaining the answering process and its purpose