How Do You Fill Out a Bank Deposit Slip?

To fill out a bank deposit slip, write the date, and enter the total amount of cash and checks you are depositing. Determine if you want cash from your deposit, then sign the slip if you are getting cash back.

  1. Enter the date

    Write the date of the deposit on the “date” line. If you are depositing checks, make sure that you are able to deposit them by checking the dates on the checks.

  2. Enter the total amount of cash and checks

    Count the cash you plan to deposit, and enter the total number in the boxes to the right of the word “cash.” Enter the amounts of any checks you want to deposit in the boxes to the right of the open-ended box. Fill in the check number on the lines to the left of the empty boxes. If you have more than two checks, use the reverse side of the deposit slip to enter them. Compute the total of the checks on the back, then enter that amount on the front next to “Total From Other Side.” Add the cash and the checks, and enter the total in the “Subtotal” box.

  3. Determine the total deposit

    Enter the amount of cash you want to receive in the “Less Cash Received” boxes, if applicable. Subtract this amount from the subtotal, and enter the total deposit amount in the boxes to the right of the dollar sign. Sign on the line under the date if you are receiving cash back.