How Do You File Insurance Claims Through Integon?

It is possible to file an insurance claim with Integon by calling the customer care number located on your policy card, submitting information online or submitting information using the free application provided by National General Insurance, as of 2015. Integon is a member company of National General Insurance Group.

Before submitting your insurance claim to the National General Insurance Group, gather all the information about the accident, including the details about any additional vehicles and drivers, location, time and police reports. A claims service consultant is available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days in a week. The website offers a form with boxes in which to provide the requested information, including an additional comments section. The application offered in the iTunes store provides the option to contact a claims service consultant, request a tow or submit a claim online.

National General Insurance cannot predict if reporting one accident has the potential to cause adjustments to a premium. The history and behavior of a driver, including accidents due to DUI or DWI, reckless driving or multiple accidents, are more likely to result in an increase in the premium.

Take photos with a camera or cell phone, if available, immediately following an accident, to assist in remembering all the details. National General Insurance recommends only discussing an accident with your claims consultant, your local agent or the police.