What Are the Features of the State Farm Umbrella Policy?

As of 2015, a State Farm umbrella policy for personal liability includes coverage in $1 million increments, coverage for certain legal costs and protection against various claims, including personal injury, slander and defamation of character, according to State Farm. State Farm also offers commercial liability umbrella policies, which also feature coverage in $1 million increments. State Farm policy features depend on the time of application and the type of applicant.

A State Farm personal liability umbrella policy provides additional coverage beyond what auto, boat and home insurance policies give, including damages that exceed these policies for personal injuries, explains State Farm. These personal injuries can result from a car or boat accident, a personal injury due to a fire, or a slip-and-fall personal injury. Policy holders can receive protection against their assets with this coverage. State Farm commercial liability umbrella insurance provides similar coverage specifically tailored to protect businesses against defense fees and settlements and provide legal coverage.

Umbrella insurance policies begin to pay out after regular insurance coverage depletes, notes NerdWallet. State Farm’s liability insurance also helps pay for defense costs from claims of error and professional negligence. The company’s services cover businesses such as farms, religious organizations, retail shops and offices.