How Do You Find Fax Numbers for Businesses?

To find fax numbers for businesses, type the business name into an online phone directory such as White Pages or Yellow Pages. Scroll through the business information and select the number listed as “fax.”

Many businesses still use fax machines in their day-to-day activities. They are handy for sending hard copies of documents to suppliers and customers. Because the data sent through fax is fully encrypted, sending faxes can be a more secure method of transmitting sensitive information. In addition, many courts accept faxes as legal documents. Run through the following steps to find a fax number for a business:

  1. Go to a directory website
  2. Fax numbers for businesses are usually listed in directories, so these are convenient for looking up fax numbers.

  3. Choose the business option
  4. Select the option to look up a business number.

  5. Enter the business name and location
  6. Enter the business name and location into the search bar and conduct a search.

  7. Find the fax listing
  8. Fax numbers should always be listed as “Fax.” If there is no fax number listed, the business may not have a fax line. Alternate methods of communication may include a phone line, email or sending Internet faxes. These are scanned documents sent electronically through the Internet instead of phone lines.

A local Small Business Association might have listings of local businesses, including contact information. Not all businesses have fax machines as there are many other technologies available to share information. If a business does not have a fax number, there are alternative ways to send information, such as through the mail or via email.