How Do You Exchange German Marks for U.S. Dollars?

One can exchange German marks through certain banks and currency services, such as Deutsche Bundesbank Eurosystem and Euro Coin Exchange. Since Germany moved to the euro in 2002, the deutschmark, or “mark,” is no longer in circulation, but it still can be sold or exchanged.

For old German currency, the Deutsche Bundesbank Eurosystem is one of few institutions that exchange the deutschmark for euros. According to the bank, customers can exchange unlimited amounts indefinitely at a set rate, either through the mail or at any of the bank’s branches in Germany.

Euro Coin Exchange has a Dollars for Deutschmarks program that exchanges deutschmarks coins and bills, up to 1,000 DM, for U.S. dollars. Any higher denomination, according to the company, was issued before 1948 and is too old to redeem.

The Travelex currency service company, which has locations in most major airports and many banks, exchanges and buys some foreign currency. The company directs customers to the nearest retail location to find out if a particular currency is available for exchange.

“Deutschmark” is the English name for the old German currency; in German, it is Deutsche Mark. One hundred pfennig make up one deutschmark, commonly abbreviated as “mark,” “D-mark” or “DM.”