What Are Examples of Skilled Workers?

Examples of job titles requiring skilled workers include administrative assistant, sales representative, customer service representative, tailor, nurse, office clerk, teacher, fast-food cook, travel agent and mortgage processor, according to Nolo. Some jobs are considered semi-skilled, such as the cashiers of grocery stores, self-service gas stations and change booths.

The performance of skilled work requires decision-making and problem-solving skills. Good judgement is often critical. Skilled-job duties often include the ability to measure, calculate, read and estimate. Job candidates for skilled work often must meet educational prerequisites such as a college degree or professional training. Typically, learning a skilled job takes six months to one year.

Semi-skilled work does not require complex job tasks, but attention to detail and risk are often part of the job description. Candidates for semi-skilled jobs do not need advanced training or education. Monitoring, quality checking and repetitive tasks are common in the performance of semi-skilled jobs. These skills typically take three to six months to learn.

Unskilled work consists of simple tasks and does not require judgement. Many unskilled jobs require physical strength and coordination. They typically take less than one month to learn. Examples of unskilled jobs include parking lot attendant, janitor, fast food worker, line operator and messenger.