Examples of Sample Letters From Your Doctor?

Some examples of sample letters from a physician include a request for medical leave and an authorization to return to work. A physician provides a request for medical leave letter for a patient who needs time away from work due to an illness or medical condition.

The sample request for leave letter may or may not document the employee’s condition, depending on privacy concerns, but indicates that a leave is necessary and estimates how long it is expected to last. The authorization to return to work simply states that an employee has the physician’s approval to resume normal work duties or return on a limited basis on a particular date. This letter normally does not discuss the nature of the illness or condition and does not reveal protected or confidential information.

Another example of a sample letter from a physician is a letter of request for accommodation to an employer or property owner. This letter explains that the patient has a certain condition that requires the employer or property owner to make a specific accommodation for the patient. The accommodation may include an exemption from lifting heavy objects, shorter work hours, or the installation of ramps and railings in a residence. Disability laws generally require employers and property owners to provide such reasonable accommodations for workers and tenants who need them.