What Are Some Examples of a Positive Work Ethic?

Examples of positive work ethic includes working hard, not taking the easy way out or cutting corners, caring about the quality of the work done and coming to work on time. Having a sense of responsibility and being diligent are also examples of positive work ethic.

Having a good attitude and taking the time to do a good job, going above and beyond, being a team player and taking on additional responsibilities are all part of positive work ethic. Someone with a strong work ethic generally takes on more than what is required, has self-motivation and requires little supervision, and has a desire to continue to learn and improve. Positive work ethic helps an employee represent the business he works for work well in every situation, is helpful and polite to customers, even those who are unpleasant to the employee.

A positive work ethic is embedded in someone’s overall personal values, and is based in a belief in the value or work not just for its rewards for its own sake. Sometimes work ethic is part of a person’s religions beliefs. For examples, Protestants believe worldly work benefits society as a whole, and the focus on hard work and frugality is one of the building blocks of their faith.