What Are Examples of Institutional Advertising?


Public service announcements and community outreach programs are examples of institutional advertising. These types of advertising promotions are designed to foster goodwill between a company and its present or potential customers.

For example, a tobacco company can use institutional advertising to produce an antismoking commercial that warns consumers of the dangers of its products. Beer and liquor companies can also run commercials that warn consumers of the dangers of drinking and driving.

Many companies use indirect institutional advertising campaigns to alert the public of their benevolent contributions. For example, an oil company might create a public statement, commercial or documentary about its ongoing efforts to ensure that its actions, products or services do not harm the local, regional, national or global environment.

Some companies, such as pork farmers, release institutional advertising commercials about the nutrients found in their food products. These companies can also disclose their commitment to not injecting their products with antibiotics or other chemicals that can initiate health problems in humans.

Institutional advertising is also done via community outreach programs. Some examples of this type of company promotion include blood drives, canned food drives, AIDS awareness events, cancer screenings and holiday gift giving or food delivery drives for homeless individuals.