What Are Some Examples of Initiative in the Workplace?

Bojan Kontrec/E+/Getty Images

One way to show initiative at work is to invest time and energy into performing current job tasks extremely well. Employers value workers who show dedication to their job by doing things such as working extra hours to ensure a task is completed on schedule.

In addition to performing regular tasks well, workers with initiative often take steps to go beyond normal expectations. An example of going an extra step is the worker who is faced with a tricky problem that has no easy solution. Instead of giving up, the employee takes the initiative to research every possible solution until the problem is solved. Seeking additional education is another clear sign that an employee wants to be better than average. These workers take workshops and classes that lead to greater knowledge about the industry they are in.

Workers can also show initiative by doing something that adds value to the workplace. This type of initiative may be demonstrated by helping the company achieve an important goal. An example would be coming up with a unique idea that helps a company improve productivity. Another example of adding value is motivating others within a work group to reach team goals. Another way to show initiative is to help the community by becoming a volunteer.