What Are Examples of Core Competencies?

Examples of core competencies include the abilities to empower others, communicate both verbally and in writing, manage change and persuade others. Some additional examples include being able to establish focus, give others motivational support, satisfy customers and foster teamwork.

Being able to empower and instill confidence in colleagues is a highly valuable asset in an employee. One way an employee can exhibit this core competency is to encourage groups of employees whom she manages to work together to solve problems they encounter. Doing this rather than simply prescribing a solution to every issue lets the employees know she trusts their judgment. She can also encourage employees to set their own work goals while expressing her confidence in their ability to do so.

A competent and persuasive communicator is able to tailor both his speech and his writing to his audience. He has a solid grasp of grammar rules and is able to present his ideas in a clear and concise manner. When speaking to others, he makes eye contact. One trick for communicating more effectively is to summarize others’ words back to them; this helps the employee confirm he understood what the other person said, preventing miscommunication.

Success in the workforce is largely dependent on the ability to adapt quickly to changes. An employee can demonstrate her ability to manage change by proposing new ways of accomplishing tasks. An employee who is always looking for faster or less-expensive ways of handling tasks is very valuable to an employer.