What Are Some Examples of Competencies/skills?

Examples of competencies and skills include teamwork, responsibility and commitment to career, excellent communication, and leadership and organizational skills. Other skills and competencies include problem-solving ability, trustworthiness and decision-making ability.

Competencies are qualities that an organization believes are desirable in its employees and will allow the employees to perform better in their duties. Competencies may be either broad or specific to a particular position in the company, and they may be further divided into more particular competencies.

For example, one popular competency is talent in handling interpersonal relations. This skillset ensure that an individual identifies with the organization’s goals and develops plans to help fulfil the unit’s mission. They also ensure that employees provide motivational support to others to encourage commitment.

A subset of interpersonal skills are teamwork competencies. These include the individual’s ability to cooperate with others and to help the group work together for the success of the company. Employees with teamwork spirit empower others and demonstrate confidence in others’ ability to be successful, especially at demanding tasks and new responsibilities. These competencies are manifested when an employee delegates important responsibility and authority to others, allowing them room to accomplish tasks in their own unique ways.

Related competencies include good communication and leadership. Good communication is important to ensure that information is conveyed to others. Leadership competencies enable an employee to take charge of a situation to bring it to an amicable conclusion and avoid panic. Leaders provide direction for other employees in pursuit of achieving organizational goals.