What Are Examples of Communication Tools?

Sam Edwards/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Examples of communication tools in a business setting include a company email hosting provider, a professional phone system, a usable website platform, a file-sharing system, a customer relationship management platform and a project management system. These communication tools help a business owner or manager to communicate with both staff and customers in an effective and timely manner. Using the right combination of communication tools allows for an effective internal process.

A company email hosting provider is a necessity, as emails are a daily method of communication between work colleagues as well as between clients and account managers. While email communication is not as rapid as a phone call, users can store information and rely on it later on for reference.

A customer service management platform is ideal for maintaining records and orders in a growing company. Long-term communications avoid muddling, as the platform stores all relevant data and contact records, allowing new staff members to take over communication channels from older staff with minimal hassle. A CRM platform also allows a company to track the progress of each client and prospective sale, and it provides a timely and coherent customer service experience. Similarly, project management systems communicate the tasks that employees must accomplish to complete a greater project, removing the need for other note-taking.