What Are Examples of Bad Business Emails?

A bad business email is one that is too long, too vague or contains impolite or abusive language. Marketing emails that focus on the sender rather than the receiver’s needs also typically do not get good results.

An effective business email is brief, clear and has a good subject line. It is typically no more than half a page long and is well-organized When it is necessary to discuss a number of different areas, several short emails are better than one long, confusing message.

The most effective business emails are polite and do not contain slang or abusive terms. The tone should be conversational, open and friendly. When it is necessary to deliver negative information in an email, it should be done in a positive, constructive way.

Marketing messages need a clear call to action that describes the desired response from the recipient. It’s a good idea to include alternate contact information, such as a business phone number or cell phone, so the recipient can reach the sender easily.

A good business email is well-written, with no grammar, punctuation or typing errors. The sender should proofread the final draft before he sends it to ensure that it has no errors and conveys his message accurately.