What Is an Example for a Request for Change in Work Schedule Letter?

In a request for a change in work schedule, the worker must concisely note the change they desire in their schedule, when it must be done as well as any additional information to explain why the change in schedule is needed. These types of letters must be concise and to the point. They should not be filled with excessive excuses but instead contain brief, effective reasons for the request.

The second paragraph can contain other information, like briefly listing the merits of the worker and why he or she is a valuable member of the company, perhaps including the number years the worker has been employed, if applicable. The worker should refrain from disparaging any other workers even if that is the reason why they are drafting this letter.

Criticizing other employees is considered an unprofessional practice and will likely discredit the request letter as a whole. It should also be mentioned that letters requesting changes in work schedules will usually be filed away in the employee’s personal file, allowing management to review it. Because of this, the letter must be positive, forthright and honest, or it could become detrimental to the worker.

Before writing a letter, at all, the worker should review its employer’s policies about shift changes, as these rules vary from company to company. However, if the request letter is well-written and genuine, almost any company will seriously consider the request.