What Is an Example of Quality Standards?

Examples of quality standards include customer service standards, internal efficiency, and energy, health and safety management. Quality standards are established by businesses to ensure customer satisfaction and business longevity.

Quality products and services are those that are free from defects and deficiencies. Quality standards are set to ensure that companies deliver superior products and services. Successful businesses adhere to high quality standards and produce high-quality products. Many businesses create documents outlining quality assurance standards that employees must follow.

Companies set their own internal standards that govern company policies, procedures, products and employee activities. Companies must also adhere to national quality standards, such as those set by OSHA. Failure to adhere to government-imposed safety standards may result in legal repercussions for a company.

Businesses that do not commit to quality standards are likely to have poor customer service and deficient products and services. This results in poor customer relations and a decrease in consumer trust of the company, as well as a loss of business for the company. It may also increase the cost of quality, which is the cost incurred when a company has to take action to fix mistakes made due to poor quality standards, such as remanufacturing a product or redoing a service.