What Is an Example of a Construction Completion Letter?

A construction completion letter serves as an official notification of the end of a contractor or construction company’s liability on a project, including the status of the job and any additional costs from the last expense estimate. The form also outlines the exact date on which the company ends work on the project and the final payment amount due from the property owners.

When a construction company finishes a project, the owner of the company drafts a letter of final completion to the client, typically the site owner, notifying that the job is over. This letter serves as a legal document that ends the company’s responsibility for the condition of the site or the completion of the project, with includes a list of the final condition of the project as a whole and any specific elements as per the initial contract. One purpose is to protect the company from clients attempting to solicit additional work or renege on payments for incomplete aspects.

The letter also acts as the final bill for the client, as the list of project completion also includes any additional materials the company purchased for the project along with the cost of labor to complete the task. Some companies may also submit a final invoice in addition to the letter, depending on the state of the job and other requirements. In some cases, the letter may also be necessary in order for a building inspector to visit and judge the property.