How Do You Estimate the Cost of Building a Roller Skating Rink?

Estimate the cost of building a roller skating rink by determining its size, scope and layout and then determining if you are going to build on an empty lot or renovate an existing structure, accounting for the special flooring and customer facilities. Use online commercial construction calculators to create a rough estimation of the cost before meeting with different construction companies to obtain a more detailed proposal.

Determining the cost for constructing a roller skating rink begins with creating a business plan, which allows you to decide the theme and purpose of the rink, which in turn directly affects its size and building requirements. For example, a private rink that is only available for small parties may cost less to build than a public facility that includes food preparation space and customer locker rooms. Decide whether you are going to build the facility from scratch on an open parcel, renovate an existing rink or convert another structure, as each method includes variable costs and considerations.

Many online commercial construction estimation tools allow you to determine the approximate cost according to the total square footage of the facility as well as factors such as location, which can affect labor costs and material prices. Use this figure as a basic guideline when meeting with construction companies, making sure they include the cost of building the actual rink floor and other special features in the proposal. The meeting should take place at the actual build site to obtain more accurate predictions.