What Equipment Do I Need to Open a Deli?

The equipment needed to start a deli are meat and cheese slicers, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a toaster oven, cutting boards, counters, tables, chairs and a register. To open a deli, a restaurant or food permit must also be acquired.

A menu must be created according to the type of deli being opened, whether American, Italian or another style. A select business location and interior can aid in creating a certain atmosphere. The interior of a deli will need window treatments, booths or tables, pictures and general decorative items that complement the theme of the deli, table centerpieces and lighting, and condiment containers.

A deli needs a well-trained staff to run the business every day of the week, no matter who is running it. The staff must be trained in food ordering and stocking, understand food safety and know the menu from top to bottom. The deli requires professional uniforms for all staff, including aprons, hair nets, slip-proof shoes and presentable shirts with business logos.

A deli needs a certain amount of money set aside for marketing to help it become known in the community. Fliers and coupons for a grand opening could help get the deli up and running, and television commercials could help create a broader awareness among potential customers.