What Is the Employee of the Month Criteria?

Jamie Grill Photography/Tetra images/Getty Images

The criteria for an employee of the month award is different for each company that offers such a program, but it is typically based on a person’s job performance, attitude and initiative. Additional criteria for an employee of the month award includes, respect, team work, dependability and punctuality.

According to “Forbes,” 80 percent of businesses hand out employee of the month awards or top salesperson awards. Managers and business owners view these types of awards as being an inexpensive way to improve an employee’s work performance, and a positive means to deal with problematic work behaviors. An employee of the month award should be handed out to one individual a month who has gone above and beyond their daily duties on a consistent basis.

Too often these awards are given to employees for completing a basic job expectation, like having good attendance. It’s these types of monthly awards that fail. One reason for failure is that it degrades the employees who have been working hard all along. Also, employees tend to find a way to game the award system. The employee of the month award should be provided to people who had exceptional work performance in the past because it encourages that type of hard work and dedication in the future.