What Are the Employee Benefits at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden serves up industry-leading benefits for all of the company’s employees, including comprehensive health insurance, a generous 401(k) retirement plan, and abundant vacation time. Every team member, from the dishwasher to general manager, enjoys the Total Rewards benefits package.

Olive Garden places the health of its employees at the top of the benefit list. Employees who qualify for health insurance receive free or discounted medical, dental and vision insurance. Salaried team members receive mostly free insurance, while hourly employees have to pay premiums to ensure prompt access to health care. Olive Garden also provides accident, critical illness, and short and long-term disability insurance. Employees receive health care cards that they use to receive medical, dental and vision benefits.

Under the financial strength of its parent company Darden, Olive Garden offers one of the most generous 401(k) savings plans in the restaurant industry. Employees decide how much Darden can withdraw from each paycheck for the 401(k) plan. Darden allows team members multiple options for growing the accumulated savings, from conservative investments in dividend-paying companies to bold retirement moves in fledgling international stocks. Olive Garden’s parent company provides a substantial matching contribution.

Olive Garden’s employee benefits package ensures a balance between work and life. After one year of service, employees earn more vacation time, which increases with more years of service.