What Are the Eligibility Requirements for TennCare?

To be eligible for TennCare, the Tennessee Medicaid program, individuals must have low incomes and fall into one of the TennCare eligibility categories, according to TennCare. They must also be Tennessee residents and U.S. citizens or qualified resident aliens, states Benefits.gov.

As of 2015, eligibility categories for TennCare include low-income children under 19, parents or caretaker relatives of minor children, pregnant women and newborns born to women eligible for Medicaid, according to TennCare. Elderly, blind or disabled people who receive Supplementary Security Income from the Social Security Administration qualify for TennCare. Some institutionalized people in nursing facilities or facilities for those with intellectual disabilities may qualify for TennCare. Low-income uninsured women who are diagnosed with cervical or breast cancer in a CDC-approved medical facility are eligible for TennCare.

Individuals are able to apply online for TennCare at the federal health insurance marketplace HealthCare.gov, advises TennCare. Alternatively, they can download and print out a paper application or call a phone number on the TennCare website. If they need help with the application, they can go to a county office of the Department of Human Services. Those with disabilities who need someone to come to their home to help with a TennCare application can contact the local Area Agency on Aging and Disability.