How Do You Electronically File Form 941?

There are four methods for electronically filing Form 941, according to Three options require that an authorized e-file provider file the form. The fourth option is for the taxpayer to become an authorized e-file provider to file his own Form 941.

Any e-file provider authorized by the IRS can prepare, sign and e-file Form 941 for a client, according to If taxpayers do not wish for the e-file providers to sign the form, the taxpayers can opt to choose an e-file provider who allows them to sign the return with a PIN or provide a PIN to the provider to sign on his behalf.

Another option is to choose a provider who offers scanned signature filing. This method of filing does not require a PIN. The taxpayer physically signs the form and scans it, and then the provider or the taxpayer attaches it to the electronic file.

Taxpayers can become IRS-authorized e-file signers and then contract with a third-party e-filer to send the form in. This requires the taxpayer to buy IRS commercial-off-the-shelf software, complete PIN registration, submit to the IRS, and receive a PIN. Submit registration around 45 days in advance of the need to file, because the process of approval can take some time, notes