What Is Electronic Marketing?

Electronic marketing, or e-marketing, is the use of electronic media and applications to conduct marketing research and communication activities. The term electronic marketing initially served as an extension of “Internet marketing” to address the growth of mobile technology and digital applications used in marketing.

Online marketing is still a major element of electronic marketing. Companies build and maintain websites to promote business, products and services. They also buy ad space on other publisher websites and on search engine portals. Search engine optimization and blogging are also common Web-based components of electronic marketing.

Email marketing is another prominent component of electronic marketing. Companies develop contact databases internally or acquire contact lists from third-party providers. They distribute promotional messages or periodic newsletters to maintain relationships with customers and to drive sales of products and services.

Wireless communication programs and customer relationship management are other important strategies in an e-marketing program. Mobile marketing is the use of digital applications and text messaging to communicate with opt-in customers. CRM programs are based on database technology used to collect and analyze customer data and then prepare targeted marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing is also a significant e-marketing component. This strategy involves the use of various tools to engage target audiences in real-time, interactive dialogue.