What Are the Duties of a Vice Chairman?

The duties of a vice chairman include assisting the chairman in carrying out important tasks, standing in place of the chairman when he is absent and acting as a go-between for the chairman and the subordinates. The role of vice chairman is an important job on any board or committee because the skills and characteristics needed are very similar to those of the chairman, according to The Wheel.

The main duty of a vice chairman is to help the chairman in any way possible. This can include preparing for board meetings or communicating new policies to the subordinates. If any problems occur among board members, it is often the role of the vice chairman to discover the facts of the situation and report back to the chairman.

In addition, a vice chairman should be ready to fill in for the chairman if he is unable to attend or carry out his duties. The vice chairman assumes the role of chairman, usually temporarily, and has the power to make organizational decisions after receiving feedback from the rest of the group members. On some occasions, the chairman may be removed or leave his post for personal reasons. In such cases, the vice chairman typically takes over until a time when the board can vote for a new chairman.