What are the duties of a storekeeper?


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Duties of a storekeeper include checking inventory, handling purchases and returns, keeping records and maintaining the image of a company. A storekeeper must also deal with vendors, customers and owners to make sure their needs are satisfied.

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A storekeeper should know how much inventory is in a store and when items are low in stock. Storekeepers must know what products need to be reordered, and tracking consumer sentiment pinpoints which products are in demand. Basic math and computer skills are necessary, as storekeepers must be able to efficiently tally sales, apply discounts and report sales expenditures. Storekeepers must unpack incoming orders to check merchandise, and they also must send back defective items. They are in charge of directing employees who stock the shelves.

Storekeepers maintain the image of the company by ensuring proper lighting and dust-free shelves. Storekeepers also secure a safe atmosphere for employees by complying with policies and government regulations.

Organizational skills are also necessary because storekeepers must arrange merchandise and company records in an efficient manner. Storekeepers should also possess impeccable communication skills because they frequently interact with different people. For instance, storekeepers should be able to answer any questions employees have regarding company policies. Training is also part of the job description, and giving feedback to employees is crucial.

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