What Are the Duties and Responsibilities of the Shift Manager in a Pizza Hut?

The specific duties of a shift manager vary between different Pizza Hut franchises. In general, a Pizza Hut shift manager has three essential job duties at all locations: train the workers in food sanitation procedures, train workers in food safety procedures and balance receipts at the end of shifts.

The shift manager position is the first supervisory level job in the Pizza Hut career path, and 80 percent of shift managers are hired from the pool of Pizza Hut team members. The duties of a Pizza Hut shift manager may vary based on the strengths and needs of the manager at the hiring location.

The Pizza Hut manager and shift manager must function as a team. Managers at some locations are best complemented by shift managers who excel at scheduling employees and delegating weekly tasks, while others benefit from shift managers gifted with numbers who balance the books. Other tasks that require people skills, such as resolving customer complaints and managing employee discipline, are sometimes better handled by a Pizza Hut shift manager than by the manager. Even managing the store inventory and the ordering of supplies may be required of a Pizza Hut shift manager, depending on location and the manager’s needs.