What Are the Duties of a Postmaster?

The Washington Post/The Washington Post/Getty Images

The duties of a postmaster in the United States include overseeing and leading every aspect of the operation of a U.S. Post Office, including administration, management and support tasks. Postmasters are responsible for training postal employees, supervising mail processing and explaining post office regulations to consumers.

Postmasters manage customer transactions, such as selling postage and money orders and collecting post office box rent. They need to visualize a course of action and implement the necessary steps to accomplish a successful result. U.S. postmasters must have the ability to communicate effectively, demonstrate critical thinking, identify and solve problems properly, and perform negotiation and mediation processes.

Aspiring U.S. postmasters should participate in the career management program provided by the U.S. Postal Service, states Education Portal. Postmasters have been chosen on the merit system since 1971. The most essential coursework for postmasters provides an understanding of principles and the best procedures in organizational design, implementation and operation. Those who want to become a U.S. postmaster should take an advanced degree program in public administration, business management or any related discipline that teaches leadership techniques, human resource modeling and proper allocation of resources. Most postmaster positions are generally obtained through experience and advanced training while working.