What Are the Duties of a Site Manager?

A site manager plays an important role in construction and building projects and oversees the day-to-day operations of work while being responsible for the overall completion of the endeavor at hand, as noted by CareerStructure. The job can include hiring tradesmen, engineers, administrative staff and architects; setting up offices on site; ordering and receiving materials and making sure that safety procedures are being followed. A construction manager is also responsible for keeping the client apprised of progress reports and any issues related to the building work itself.

Site managers are also responsible for dealing with people outside of the company, such as the public, building commissioners, subcontractors, safety inspectors and fire and safety officials.

The job also requires knowledge of the construction trade, including building, construction and civil engineering; surveying; management and building technology. Strong communication and organizational skills are also needed, as is a working knowledge of construction information technology and layout design programs, reports Totaljobs.

Site managers normally have a relevant degree or certification in the building field as well as years of experience working in the different facets of the industry.

A large part of the job entails the ability to multitask while meeting deadlines, solving problems as they come up while taking into account the setbacks that can affect the timely completion of a job.