What Are the Duties of a Church Administrator?

Responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the church, a church administrator’s duties typically include managing the church budget, facilitating communication with church members and the public, and supporting the work of church volunteers. The church administrator also supervises any clerical and bookkeeping staff members and maintains the church calendar and facility scheduling, in addition to facility management responsibilities. The position usually requires an associate or bachelor’s degree and a combination of strong business and interpersonal skills.

The communication duties of the church administrator include preparing or overseeing the preparation of weekly church bulletins and the church newsletter and, often, serving as the church webmaster and managing the church’s presence on other social media. Church administrators track attendance and donations in relation to attendance and maintain the legal records and official documents of the church. The facility management responsibilities of the administrator include contracting with repair people, installers, cleaning services and landscapers. The administrator may also be assigned project leadership for major improvement projects under direction of the church governing board.

As a leader of the church, the church administrator attends church services and events as an active participant and represents the church within the broader community, interacting on behalf of the church with local government, businesses and social services agencies. The church administrator generally reports to the lead pastor and works closely with the church board of directors and its committees.