Does Duracell Have a Battery Equivalent to the LR1130?

The Duracell 389/390 button battery is equivalent to an LR1130 battery. This battery has a voltage of 1.5 and a current of 80 milliamp hours. It contains silver oxide.

The LR1130 battery is a round alkaline battery. It has a diameter of 11.8 millimeters and a height of 3 millimeters. Battery companies have their own names for their LR1130 batteries. Duracell names its LR1130 batteries model 389/390.

This button battery finds uses in watches, toys, medical devices and calculators. It features the DuraLock Power Preserve technology, which guarantees the battery remains powered for 10 years in storage. Customers can find the “good until” date of a Duracell battery on its original package.