What Is Dunkin’ Donuts Online Training?


Dunkin’ Donuts online training, also known as the Dunkin’ University, is a training course for managers and potential franchise owners. This six-week program instructs individuals on every donut and beverage made by the company in addition to health and safety, customer service and store operations. Individuals interested in the program can contact a supervisor or manager to set up an account and get specific information about the program.

Students can expect to learn about the history of the company and methods for preparing the food. Additionally, courses may vary among individuals depending on their current position or the position that they aspire to attain. For example, someone who is already working as a baker may have a program that is tailored more toward the baking end of the business. Similarly, if an individual is aspiring to own a franchise, her program differs from that of someone working to gain a management position.

Dunkin’ University began as a hands-on, classroom-based training program. The goal of the program creators was to ensure consistency among all locations regarding quality and business practices. Shifting the training program to an online environment allowed students to study at home, on their own time and in their own space. Students must make the time commitment necessary for completing the online training modules and studying the available content.